5th Sugar & Ethanol Summit Brazil Day

Welcome Letter

It is with great satisfaction we welcome you to the 5th Sugar & Ethanol Summit – Brazil Day, organized jointly by DATAGRO and the Brazilian Ministry of External Relations.

"Brazil Day in London is an excellent opportunity to debate key issues related to sugar and ethanol in Brazil. As the largest producer and exporter of sugar Brazil has great influence in this market. The conference is a high-level forum providing networking opportunities to all participants."

Dr. Plinio Mario Nastari, President, DATAGRO Consulting, São Paulo, Brazil

For the fifth consecutive year the event brings together invitees of the highest level to discuss about sugar and ethanol global markets, with a specific focus on the role of Brazil - the world’s largest sugar and second largest ethanol producer, and leading exporter of sugar and ethanol.

More than 150 world business leaders will attend this conference, held in one of the main executive centers in Europe, the elegant premises of the IOD, Institute of Directors, in London.

"Since its first edition, the "Brazil Day" has consolidated its position as one of the highlights of the London event calendar to anyone interested in Brazil and agribusiness. Participants in the event should look ahead to a day of fruitful exchanges of ideas on the current situation and the expected outcomes for the Brazilian sugar and ethanol industry and the worldwide sugar community."

Ambassador Claudio Frederico de Matos Arruda, Permanent Representative of Brazil to International Organisations, London, U.K.

The Conference is an excellent opportunity to engage in debates on key subjects of the sugar and ethanol industry and for networking with leaders of the sugar and ethanol agri industrial complex and financial markets.

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