The Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) works to promote Brazilian products and services abroad, and to attract foreign investment to strategic sectors of the Brazilian economy.

The Agency carries out several commercial promotion initiatives, such as commercial and prospective missions, business rounds, support to the participation of Brazilian companies in major business fairs, and visits of foreign buyers and opinion formers to assess the Brazilian productive structure, among other business platforms aimed to strengthen the Brazil brand.

In addition to the headquarters in Brasilia, Apex-Brasil has nine business offices in important global markets, to assist in the process of internationalization of Brazilian companies, prospect business opportunities and enhance national participation in major global markets, also serving as a reference for the attraction of foreign investment.

The business offices are located in Asia (Beijing, China), the Middle East (Dubai, United Arab Emirates), North America (Miami and San Francisco, USA), South America (Bogotá, Colombia), Central America and the Caribbean (Havana, Cuba), Europe (Brussels, Belgium), Eurasia (Moscow, Russia) and Africa (Luanda, Angola).


Al Khaleej Sugar established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates for over 20 years, employees around 630 employees from different nationalities. The company is the world's biggest port-based refined sugar producer with a standalone capacity of producing more than 7,000 metric tons sugar per day. Al Khaleej Sugar refinery uses the latest technology to process raw sugar into refined sugar as per a high quality standard, measuring the level of quality performance for commodities - known as EEC2 standard.
The Refinery can produce more than 2 million tons of refined sugar per year. Currently, the company sells sugar to about 50 countries globally. AKS refinery has the biggest storage capacity in the world and can store about 1.5 million tons of sugar and Al Khaleej Sugar produces several kinds of sugar to cater the market demand for sugar based sweetener. The sugar produced in the form of white fine, extra fine and coarse sugar is used by several manufacturers and industries, in addition to direct human consumption. AKS also produces and supplies sugar syrup or molasses used as an important feed for farm animals.

BENRI (Biomass Energy Research Institute) is the first rating system for independent rating of sugarcane, sugar, ethanol-producing units and energy from bagasse. The BENRI rating system was especially developed for the sugar and ethanol industry, critically analyzing the performance related to farm and industrial activities of sugarcane producers and processors. The institute’s rating promotes the interaction of all agents involved in production, financing and trading of sugar, ethanol and other sugarcane byproducts, including banks, risk rating agencies, trading companies, fuel distributors, input suppliers and investors. For more information go to:

DEAG - Customs Documentation and Procedures

DEAG is one of DATAGRO’s business units, which provides services to exporters and importers in their business operations analysis, customs clearance and other customs procedures of agricultural products.

DEAG has a strong presence among governmental agencies, which allows a fast customs clearance, providing reduced deadlines and operating costs, in addition to full advice on the issuance of appropriate documents to customs rules of each country.

Backed by over 20 years of experience in customs sector, DEAG has experience in managing shipments of sugar, ethanol (import and export), coffee, soybeans, orange juice, cotton, and other agricultural products.

Founded in 1948, Demarest is today one of the most reputable law firms in Brazil and is ranked among the major law firms in Latin America. Throughout its history, practicing in several areas of law, Demarest has never moved away from its calling to deliver legal with
a high standard of quality and excellence.

Demarest ensures an effective service to its over two thousand clients by permanently investing in the education and qualification of approximately 250 lawyers and 260 employees in support areas.

The multidisciplinary model of performance – with a perfect integration and synergy among its professionals – also contributes to Demarest’s agility and effectiveness in the works it performs.

Clients from all over the world are assisted in national and international transactions through an structure that includes offices in the major cities of Brazil and in Nova York, US.

Demarest´s Agribusiness area provides answers to questions arising from the integrated group of agribusiness rules and provides specific advice on all business activities in the agroindustry chain. From the supply of raw material and other inputs, production, manufacturing and logistics to the sale of foods, fibers and bioenergy. We relate contractual matters concerning the structuring of Financial and Capital Markets transactions to corporate, mergers and acquisitions transactions, tax, environmental, real estate and industrial property protection matters.
Also, in the solution to conflicts of our clients’ interests, the area acts in line with the appropriate procedural instruments and in the strategy for credit recovery granted in the agribusiness chain.

Geocane provides integrated analyses of sugarcane, sugar and ethanol markets, complemented by detailed information and maps obtained by remote satellite sensing. The unique perspective provided by satellite sensing, in addition to attesting by our team of information collected, results in privileged and high credibility data, including: estimates of the total cultivation area, sugarcane quality and total volume harvested; harvest monitoring, rainfall in producing areas, productivity and specific analyses to support operations. Geocane is an advanced tool for understanding and anticipating the sugar & ethanol market trends. For more information go to:

São Martinho Group is one of the largest sugarcane groups in Brazil with a crushing capacity of 14 million tons of sugarcane in the 11/12 harvest and a prime logistics platform to transport its products. São Martinho Mill, the group's unit located in Pradópolis, is the world's largest sugarcane processor, with a record 8.4 million tons achieved in the last harvest. The Group is considered a benchmark in the industry, with approximately 90% average rate of mechanization.

Nova Fronteira is a joint venture between São Martinho Group and Petrobras Biofuels focused on ethanol production in the Center-West region of Brazil. Through investments of R$700 million projected to take place in the next few years, Boa Vista Mill is expected to reach 8 million tons of cane crushed, becoming the largest sugarcane-based ethanol distillery with total production of 700 million liters and cogeneration of 600 000 MWh.

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