André Rocha President, Forum Nacional Sucroenergético, Brasília, DF.

- Current CEO of Sifaeg and Sifaçúcar - Former President of Companhia Energética de Goiás - CELG - Graduated in Civil Engineering from the School of Engineering of Universidade Federal de Goiás - Goiânia - GO - Member of the Infrastructure Thematic Council of the National Confederation of Industries (“CNI”) since March 2004 - Married, 3 daughters

Aparecido Luiz President, CEISE Br (Centro Nacional das Indústrias do Setor Sucroenergético e Biocombustíveis), Sertãozinho, SP.

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Deputado Arnaldo Jardim Presedent da Frente Parlamentar de Defesa do Setor Sucroenergético, Brasília, DF.

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Elizabeth Farina President ,UNICA, Sao Paulo, SP. ( Invited)

Elizabeth M.M.Q. Farina is the President and CEO of UNICA, the Brazilian Sugarcane Industry Association, since December 2012. Prior to her current position she was full professor of Economics at the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. She chaired the Department of Economics from 2002 to 2004 and from 2010 to 2012. She was the president of the Brazilian Competition Council (Cade) from 2004 to 2008. For more than 10 years Dr. Farina was the vice chair of the agribusiness program at the University of Sao Paulo, PENSA. She earned a PhD in economics from the University of Sao Paulo in 1983 and the habilitation title since 1996. She reached the fullprofessorship in 2001. Dr. Farina worked as a consultant in Brazil and other Latin America countries and as economic expert in food and agribusiness strategies and antitrust litigation and mergers and acquisition analysis. Farina published eight books, 14 book chapters, and more than 20 papers in national and international journals.

Francisco Jardim Secretary of State for Agriculture and Supply, Government of the State of São Paulo, São Paulo, SP.

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Guilherme Nastari Director, DATAGRO Consultoria, São Paulo, SP

Director of DATAGRO since 2005. Director of the Brazilian Sugar and Ethanol Exporters Association (AEXA), since 2009. He has been engaged in several Sugar and Ethanol Market Advisory Projects at DATAGRO. Main customers were sugar, ethanol and biodiesel producers, trading companies, banks, fuel distributors, input suppliers, governments and NGOs. - M.Sc. in Agroenergy – Fundação Getúlio Vargas – São Paulo - Brazil - Bachelor in Economics – IBMEC São Paulo – São Paulo - Brazil

Manoel Carlos de Azevedo Ortolan President da Honra, AGROCANA, Sertãozinho, SP.(Invited)

Graduated as Agronomist by the "Luiz de Queiroz" Agronomy School (ESALQ) in 1969. Started working at Copersucar, in the Experimental Farm of Sertãozinho (former Boa Fé Farm) where he remained until February 1972. Then he worked at Canaoeste (for six months). He left Canaoeste to undertake the management of the Pouso Alegre Farm in Goiás, which activities were rice crop and livestock. He remained in this post until July 1975. Later he returned to Canaoeste to work as manager of the Technical Department where he remained until February 2000. In this same year and month, he became chairman of Canaoeste, post he occupies until today. In March 2001, he was also elected chairman of Orplana for three years mandate, which lasted until March 12, 2004. He was reelected and remained in office until March 2007. In April 2013, Manoel Ortolan was elected again chairman of Orplana for a three years mandate. Along this time he was invited to take part as member of several governmental and non-governmental organizations related to the sugar and ethanol industry. Currently, Dr. Manoel Ortolan occupies the following posts: • Rural Producer • Chairman of Canaoeste – Sugarcane Farmers Association of Western São Paulo State; • Superintendent Director of Copercana – Cooperative of Sugarcane Farmers of Western São Paulo State; • Vice chairman of the Board of Directors of Sicoob Cocred – Credit Cooperative of Rural Producers and Entrepreneurs of the Countryside of São Paulo • 2nd Vice chairman of the Rural Union of Ribeirão Preto • Chairman of the Vida Nova Organization / The “Casa das Mangueiras” Experimental School - RP • Chairman of Consecana – Sugarcane, Sugar and Ethanol Producers Committee of São Paulo State • Member of Cosag/Fiesp – Superior Agribusiness Committee of the Federation of Industries of São Paulo State • Member of the Administration Board of Sicoob-SP • Chairman of Orplana – Organization of Sugarcane Farmers of Central-Southern Brazil

Marlon Arraes Coordenador, Departamento de Combustíveis Renováveis (DCR), da Secretaria de Petróleo , Gás Natural e Biocombustíveis, do Ministério de Minas e Energias (MME), Brasília,DF.

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Pedro Mizutani Presidente de Honra,FENASUCRO , Sertãozinho, SP.(Invited)

Mr. Mizutani holds a bachelor degree in Production Engineering from the Universidade de São Paulo and post-graduate degrees in Finance from Universidade Metodista de Piracicaba, and Business Management from the Fundação Getúlio Vargas in Brazil, and took extensive courses in Business Management from Ohio University, USA. He is also a post-graduate in Business Management at the Kellogg School of Management, in the United States. With a strong background in the agricultural and industrial fields, as well as experiences in management and financial operations, Mr. Mizutani started his carrier in Cosan, one of the largest private groups in Brazil, with businesses in energy, logistics, infrastructure and agricultural properties management, in 1983, as Planning Supervisor. In 2009, he was elected CEO and Vice President of the Administrative Council. Mizutani is a Member on the Board of SIAESP / SIFAESP / UNICA since 2002. He is also a Member of the Board of Directors at CTC (Sugarcane Research Center of Brazil), at Codexis (USA) and Iogen (Canada).

Plinio Mario Nastari Representante da Sociedade Civil,CNPE - Conselho Nacional de Política Energética, Brasília, DF, e Presidente, DATAGRO Consultoria, São Paulo, SP.

President of Datagro Ltda., Brazil´s leading consulting company on sugar and ethanol market analysis, offering consulting services to producers, banks, trading companies, fuel distributors and governments, with offices in São Paulo, Recife, and Santos. M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees in Agricultural Economics, Iowa State University, 1981 and 1983. Professor of Economics (micro and macro), for Graduate and Undergraduate programs (B.Sc., M.Sc., M.B.A. and Ph.D. programs) at Fundacao Getulio Vargas, in Sao Paulo, from 1984 to 1999. Former President of the Board, and Executive Director of the Brazilian Association of Automotive Engineers. Member of Technical Committees in National Energy Commission (1985/87), Commission for the Reexam of the Energy Matrix (1990/91), and Interministerial Council on Sugar and Alcohol (1998-2000). Lead author, Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), AR2. Expert Economist for Brazil in the trade disputes involving: ethanol exports from Brazil to the United States, at the International Trade Commission, in Washington, DC (1985/86); subsidized sugar exports from the European Union, at the World Trade Organization, in Geneva (2002-05); two arbitrations on bananas with the European Union, at the World Trade Organization, in Geneva (2005); and Brazilian tyres import regime, at the World Trade Organization, in Geneva (2006-07).

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